Abaco Shelter

Coopers Town/Fox Town
Spay & Neuter Clinic
Dec.  5 & 6 

Financial donations can be made online or by check to Pop's Shelter.
Below is a list of items used at the clinics. Drop off areas are also listed below or contact us at info@abacoshelter.org
Sheets & Towels                   Alcohol
Worm Medicine                                   Garbage Bags
Ivermectin     Paper Towels
Betedine Bleach
Gauze Pads Canned Dog Food
3.0 Sutures Flea and Tick Spray

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Abaco Shelter


      Medications needed
      1. Lamisil Cream
      2. Flea & Tick Prevention
            *Virback 3 month tick collars
      3. Heartguard
      4. Panacur C - dewormer
      5. Doxycyline
      6. Antibiotic Cream
      7. Amoxitab/Amoxicillin
      8. Anti-fungal Shampoo
      10. Syringes

      Other Items of need.........
      1. Newspapers
      2. Lysol/Pinesol
      3. 30 gal. Garbage Bags
      4. Scrubby Sponges
      5. Bleach
      6. Q-Tips
      7. Guaze
      8. All size crates and kennels
      9. Dog Blanket

                            DROP OFF AREAS

**There are three locations for drop off of donated items in Marsh Harbour.
1. Island Properties at the Iggy Biggy complex
2. The Jib Room

**In Treasure Cay
1. Abaco Estate Services located at the highway entrance

**In Green Turtle Cay
1. Chris & Leisa Plummer



  1. Support a Shelter Dog by providing food and medical funds
  2. Donate Kennel Care Items listed above
  3. Volunteer at the Shelter
  4. Make a Financial Donation with PayPal on this page
  5. Report Abused or Neglected Animals
  6. Foster
 Thank you for your kind acts towards our precious Abaco Potcakes.

Contact us at info@abacoshelter.org




Gigi is one of our amazing Shelter Dogs

Meet Gigi! A very sweet girl who is looking for her forever home.  Would make a great companion. Gets along with other dogs, friendly and loving.


When donating.....
Please note if your donation is for the Spay/Neuter Clinic or for the Shelter Care.

Abaco Shelter is a sanctuary for stray and abandoned dogs and is located at the site of the old Abaco dump, Abaco, The Bahamas. As the island’s only shelter, it is well maintained and affords green spaces for dogs to exercise whilst providing adequate shelter in the form of covered areas and hand made wooden kennels. These serve as secure places for pups to grow in safety, and havens for those in need of special care.

The shelter was the brainchild of Willis Weatherford, a local resident and retired businessman, who in 2010, helped by a few dedicated volunteers, began construction of a secure structure to house Abaco’s homeless dogs. His vision of creating a safe environment for the stray dog population had begun, and the first dogs and puppies rescued from the streets were introduced to their new shelter home. It was certainly the first time any of them would have experienced regular food, soft sleeping quarters, and loving human hands, the sight of which provided a rich reward for Willis and his shelter volunteers. Since Willis’retirement in 2012, the shelter has continued to flourish and grow as a result of the leadership of Leisa Plummer, and a few very devoted volunteers who work tireslessly to ensure the health and happiness of all dogs in their care.

As the only facility of its kind on the island, Abaco Shelter is an extremely valuable resource. Not only does it provide a place for needy animals to live in safety, it also caters for their physical well being. The shelter aims to spay and neuter all the dogs and provide them with essential medications and veterinary care. It facilitates adoptions, animal welfare education, and funds flights for pups en route to foster carers in the USA. In order to do this, and to provide all animals with a nourishing diet, financial donations from the public are essential. The shelter runs completely on voluntary aid.

If you would like to help us with this immensly rewarding, and literally, life saving organization, please contact us at 242-559-8063 or 242-367-0737. Any assistance you can offer, particularly if you can volunteer a few hours a week to help at the shelter, would be wonderful.

Be assured that our warm and friendly helpers will welcome you with open arms, and our dogs with the biggest smiles and the waggiest of tails.

Contact us at info@abacoshelter.org

Meet the shelter dogs.
  Interested in adopting or sponsoring - contact us at info@abacoshelter.org

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